The Art of Hospitality

By Paul Johnson | 24 May 2019

Bolton Hotel is happy to welcome a new permanent resident in the form of a large-scale mural of the prominent Wellington artist Rita Angus.

Visitors to Wellington will undoubtedly catch a glimpse of street artist Askew One’s mural of the artist on Bond Street, but art aficionados will already know to visit the Bolton Hotel to view a wide selection of beautiful works by Angus throughout the hallways and lobby. Now the side of the building will feature a stunning large-scale mural of one of Angus’ most iconic works ‘Rutu’, painted by graphic artist Sean Duffell

A prolific painter, Duffell’s work can be seen in every major city in New Zealand as well as having painted walls throughout Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Brazil and his style is instantly recognisable to many Wellingtonians; 'Rutu' will join a series of his commissions across the capital. However, it will be the first of its kind in the Terrace area of Wellington’s CBD providing a colourful marker for the area.

Sean notes this mural will add “an injection of culture which patrons and the whole community can enjoy on a daily basis.” On the Bolton Hotel, Sean jokingly warns “people may start calling it the Rita Angus Hotel!’

One of New Zealand’s most significant painters of the 20th Century, Rita Angus is the Aunt of the hotel's Managing Director Warwick Angus. She successfully combined the essence of Aotearoa with the artistic movements of Europe and North America, yet still succeeded in forging her own distinctive, personal style. Not only does the hotel hold a family connection to the artist, but her unwavering, pioneering spirit and independence also resonates strongly with the team, influencing everything they do.

As Wellington’s premier independent hotel, the Bolton team pride themselves on doing things differently, using independent thought and autonomy to provide the highest levels of service.

Hannah Chinnery, Hotel Manager

Art lovers can also see works by the esteemed artist in the hotel’s recently renovated Premier Suites and 18th Floor Residence suite.