Our history of care and attention

The Bolton Hotel was named after the ship, Bolton, one of the first immigrant ships to arrive in New Zealand in the 1800s. Legend has it that one of the passengers, a young woman called Sophia Harris, brought a cutting of her favourite rose, which she carefully nurtured by planting it in a potato.

The rose survived the long and hazardous journey and it’s this story that inspired us to tend and nurture the things we care about as well: our guests. We treat our guests as precious cargo, providing them with the comfort and privacy they value. It’s this extra care that sets the Bolton Hotel apart as a truly independent hotel dedicated to exceptional service.

The Harris Rose

The same species of rose brought here by Sophia Harris is now known as the Harris Rose. You can enjoy its spectacular blooms in the garden outside the hotel. Learn more about the Harris Rose.

Proud Wellingtonians

Our independent spirit is uniquely Wellington and part of the very fabric of our city’s history and culture. That’s why we were proud to be the home of Women's Refuge and the Propeller Studios Kate Sheppard Statue for over a year before she went to her permanent home at the National Library. Kate is a New Zealand icon of strong independent women, acknowledged as the leader of the Women’s suffrage movement that gave New Zealand women the vote, the first in the world. As a warrior for women’s rights Women’s Refuge chose Kate Sheppard as the representative for their cause and created the Bring Back Kate campaign in support of the fight against domestic violence.