Beef and Lamb Excellence Award 2019

By Paul Johnson | 20 June 2019

We are pleased to announce that for the sixth consecutive year, Maclean Fraser, Executive Chef of Artisan at Bolton Hotel, has been presented with a Beef and Lamb Excellence Award.
New Zealand's longest-running culinary awards, the Beef and Lamb Excellence Awards have been celebrating the skills, expertise and talent of our greatest chefs for 23 years; each year announcing their selection of the top restaurants they believe produce the best beef and lamb dishes across the nation.

Critiqued by discerning judges, restaurants across New Zealand are assessed on their level of cookery, creativity and execution of their beef and lamb dishes.

Brilliant and thoughtful dishes can be found in many of our top restaurants throughout the country and the gold plate on display is reassuring to both international tourists and locals

Lauraine Jacobs, Listener columnist and kiwi food writer

MacLean takes pride in his meat dishes and believes in treating the product with respect, using all parts of the animal for a range of dishes. This accolade is a rewarding acknowledgement of his hard work and dedication to providing outstanding cuisine to hotel guests and Wellingtonians alike.